Hello GIMP Users!

Posted in Uncategorized by Scott on February 2, 2007

As it says in my info page, I’ll be using this space to adapt existing popular Photoshop tutorials into GIMP tutorials. I will attempt to obtain permission from original tutors when necessary, and will at least always attribute the original work, so if you’d like to see something done the Photoshop way, you can simply follow the attribution links to the original work.

At some point, I plan on actually being more proficient with GIMP and will be authoring original Gimparoo tutorials. If you ever see the “Gimparoo” tag attached to a post and no attribution links, this means I have succeeded.

For those of you wondering what the heck GIMP is; GIMP stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”. It is a program similar to but not exactly like Adobe’s popular Photoshop application. The most significant difference to the lay user is that GIMP is free. I say “lay user” because Photoshop does have significant advantages for the professional user, but to the average user, GIMP is more than sufficient. Especially for free. You can download GIMP and a large number of add-ons for Windows, Macintosh or Linux by visiting their website. If you are running some modern flavor of Linux, chances are good that you already have it installed. Being open source software, there are a number of ways you can personally contribute to the project. Please explore the GIMP homepage and it’s associated links for more information.

So, on with the show already! Up next I’ll start with everyone’s favorite new fad: Web 2.0. I’ll be walking you through a few of the more popular Web 2.0 Photoshop tutorials, GIMP style, and hopefully we’ll all learn something in the process.

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