All this software is free, as in speech AND free, as in beer.* Ain’t it grand?

  • The GIMP — GNU Image Manipulation Program, the whole reason this site exists!
  • Inkscape — An Open Source vector graphics editor.
  • Scribus — An Open Source professional publishing software.
  • Ubuntu — A free Linux based operating system.

* What is FOSS?

Brushes, fonts, photos, etc…

Please make sure to check licenses associated with the work contained in these links to make sure you are not breaking any local laws or going against the original artists wishes.

  • QBrushes — Quality brushes for Photoshop (Check this post for instructions on how to use them in GIMP.)
  • — Fonts, and lots of them. Free.
  • Flickr — Creative Commons licensed content on Flickr.

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