Smultron FTW!

Posted in Uncategorized by Scott on December 30, 2007

I do a lot of coding in C, Perl, HTML, CSS, and coming this semester, Java. I’ve used vim pretty much exclusively, but have recently started wanting to use my mouse when it’s feasible. So, I started looking around and being disappointed for one reason or the other with each of the offerings. First, I tried TextWrangler which almost did it except I didn’t like the way it handled Perl syntax highlighting, and I didn’t like the automatic indenting implementation. I tried a couple of the commercial selections such as TextMate and SubEthaEdit, but seriously, if I have to pay for them, I’ll just stick to vim. Then I found Smultron. It does a nice job of syntax highlighting and the automatic indent is implemented just the way I like. There is page after page of customization options. It’s also open source, which you all know I love. When I’m accessing my server remotely, vim will still work of course, but for homework and projects, I’m giving Smultron a try.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Scott on September 27, 2007

So, I really love, and version 2.3 is pretty sweet. Does anyone know of any good resources for templates? I know about the ones on, but there’s not a whole lot there, and I’m not finding much else. If you’ve got a good resource, please clue me in. Thanks!

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